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Atlanta Wrongful Death Lawyers

Wrongful Death Attorneys in Atlanta, Georgia

Losing a Loved One – How a Wrongful Death Lawyer Can Help

While the death of a family member or friend is always sad, when it was caused by carelessness or intentional malice, the sadness can quickly and easily turn to rage, resentment, and even guilt, and the psychological and emotional toll it takes can be tremendous. In cases such as these, Georgia law allows a victim’s family to seek recompense for their tragic loss.

What is “Full Value of Life” in Atlanta, GA?

Did you know that Georgia has one of the best wrongful death statutes in the United States? Awarded damages can amount to the full value of the deceased’s life. An impartial jury determines the exact dollar amount of the ‘full value of life,’ but it can include tangible as well as intangible things, and can range from an estimated amount the deceased would have earned over the rest of his or life to priceless life experiences, such as walking a daughter down the aisle, for example.

In Georgia, wrongful death cases have no statutory formula, nor is there a limit to the damages the victims’ families can be awarded.

Why You Should Seek Compensation

Often, victims’ families may vacillate over whether to file a lawsuit to receive compensation for the lost life of their loved one – and for good reason. Nothing – no amount of money – could ever bring back a loved one, and going to court to petition a judge and jury to award them some money in order to compensate for their loss can make individuals feel guilty and insensitive, as if money is all the person meant to them. Unfortunately, it is the only way to appropriately penalize those at fault and bring some sense of justice to the victim’s family. A dollar amount can never replace a person, and we understand that, but while you work through the other things that need to be taken care of when someone dies, we will work to get you what you need; at this emotional time, we stand up for you and your family. We understand the sensitive nature of this kind of legal case, and always do our best to sympathize with your unique situation.

Money Isn’t Everything

Money isn’t everything, but in reality, it means a lot to a lot of people. It’s not just money that you lose when your loved one dies – it’s all the little (and big) things. You may have depended on your loved one for financial as well as emotional security and stability. Now that you have lost this person, it will make simply living a normal life that much more difficult. Without that person, you and your family may struggle not just to make ends meet, but you have the added weight of hospital bills and funeral costs. Besides all that, you no longer have that person’s income to help.

What Compensation Can I Receive For the Loss of My Loved One?

With all of those things in mind, you should know that a wrongful death lawsuit may help you recover the following:

  • Medical expenses – including but not limited to ambulance rides, surgeries, and hospital stays
  • Funeral Costs – and expenses associated with it
  • Lost earnings and benefits – not just right now, but into the future (i.e., how many more years could this person have expected to be able to contribute?); and not just money, but benefits
  • Lost love and companionship – Loss of a loved one could spell emotional turmoil for you, which could turn into a decrease in your mental as well as physical well being and overall health.

We Are Here To Help – Your Wrongful Death Attorneys

At Bader Scott Injury Lawyers, we know the difficult times families face when dealing with a wrongful death, and we are here to help however we can; we want to make this complicated legal process as easy as it can be for you. We have no desire to see any more pain or anguish come your way – we want to take away as much of that stress as we can for you. When you decide that you want to stand up for yourself, your family, and your loved one, know that we will be right here, standing up along with you for the duration.

Have a Skilled, Experienced Advocate Help with Your Wrongful Death Claim

You need someone who will be your outspoken advocate, someone who will artfully and skillfully present your case in a way that will memorialize the life of your lost loved on. When you have someone that can and will do this for you, you could be awarded funds that will help provide general and educational support to dependents. In that way, seeking recompense for a lost life helps not just your immediate but also your long term needs and desires. The last thing you need to worry about when you lose someone is how you will be able to feed, clothe, and provide an education for your children. So although money can never replace a life, it can mean a lot of things, like being able to follow through with the future plans you had already made while your loved one was here.

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