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Gas Explosions – Rome

Gas explosions don’t just happen in the movies. They can occur when you least expect it. One of the scariest workplace injuries can be an explosion. You have sustained severe injuries from a gas explosion, and it can take months for you to recover.

Seth Bader is a Rome workers comp lawyer that understands the severity of these cases. If a workplace gas explosion has injured you or someone you know, contact us today. We want to help you file your claim.

When you get injured at work, you can’t go back to work until you are healed. However, life doesn’t stop moving because you have sustained injuries.

So, now you have the stress of healing from injuries as well as paying your bills. Workers’ compensation was created for this exact purpose. You should be able to file for workers’ compensation so that you can receive your paycheck and payment for your medical bills.


What is workers’ compensation?

The moment that you started working at your job, you were protected by workers’ compensation. So, if you are injured while you are working, your company has insurance to cover your injuries. This insurance coverage only includes physical injuries.

Even though you are eligible to receive workers’ compensation, it is not always guaranteed. There are many workers’ compensation claims that are denied every year.

Most workers think that denial is the end of the road. However, with an experienced attorney, you can appeal your decision. Remember, insurance companies are always going to look out for their bottom line. If they can find a way to deny your claim, they will.


Doesn’t my employer’s insurance company watch out for me?

No. An insurance company is a business, and you are just a number to them. The more that they payout annually, the less money they are making in revenue. Since it is easy to get caught up in the red tape of a workers’ compensation claim, we recommend meeting with an attorney. Most workers’ compensation attorneys provide free consultations, so you can meet with them and get your questions answered.


How do I file a workers’ compensation claim?

Once you are injured on the job, you need to let your supervisor know. You only have a short window of 30 days to tell them about your injuries. This doesn’t have to be anything formal, but they need to be aware that you were hurt.

Then, you should seek medical attention. It would help if you saw the scope of your injuries. Finally, you should file your workers’ compensation claim. You only have a year to file your claim from the time of your injury.

It can take a long time to receive a payout from your workers’ comp, so we recommend starting this process immediately. The most important thing is that you get medical care first, then you can talk to an attorney and file.


We have experienced workers compensation lawyers

Many attorneys handle personal injury cases, but not all of them are familiar with gas explosions. It would help if you had an attorney that is going to understand the details of your case and can help you with your workers’ compensation paperwork.

When you meet with a gas explosion lawyer, don’t be afraid to ask them in-depth questions. This is going to be the person that is representing you in your case.


How do gas explosions start?

To have a gas explosion, you need three things: gas, oxygen, something to ignite it. There are many instances where there’s a leak in a valve or hose and gas fills the room. Then someone lights a match or throws a lit cigarette, and an explosion happens.


What are some common gas explosion injuries?

Although the most common injury is blunt force trauma, there are several injuries that you can sustain in a gas explosion.

Explosions are dangerous, and injuries range from mild to severe. If you have suffered from any workplace gas explosion related injuries, we’re here to help. Contact us today to discuss your options.


Can I be fired for filing a workers’ compensation claim?

Not. You can’t be fired for filing for a workers’ compensation claim because it’s illegal. Your company can’t retaliate against you at all. Workers’ compensation is your right, and you shouldn’t be afraid to file for it.


Hire a skilled natural gas explosions attorney

Bader Scott Injury Lawyers understand that it is difficult recovering from injuries, especially if you are out of work. We’re here to help you file for your workers’ compensation claim so that you can get some relief. If you or someone you know has been injured in a gas explosions workplace accident, please contact us today.

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