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Importance of Workers’ Compensation Witnesses in Atlanta

Workers’ compensation witnesses in Atlanta can be extremely instrumental in proving an employee’s claim. Depositions and testimony from witnesses can be submitted to the State Board of Workers’ Compensation during a hearing with the Administrative Law Judge (ALJ).

If you are filing a workers’ compensation claim, you will want to speak with a work injury attorney if you haven’t done so already. An attorney can gather witness statements, take depositions and speak to field experts who might be able to substantiate your claim.

General Witnesses in Workers’ Compensation Claims

Any person that has pertinent information about your workers’ compensation case is a potential witness. For instance, a co-worker can testify that he or she saw your back give out when you reached for a package at work. If you were in a work-related car accident, eyewitness testimony might be helpful too. If your employer tries to discredit your claim by blaming your injury on horseplay, those who saw your accident may be able to testify otherwise.

Expert Witnesses in Workers’ Compensation Claims

Expert testimony usually has the power to make or break a case. Medical experts can be deposed or asked to testify at your hearing to provide insight into your medical condition.

Below are a few of the ways medical expert witnesses can assist workers’ claims:

  • They can describe an employee’s condition in detail.
  • They can prove the extent of the injuries, provide prognoses and recommended treatments, and give opinions about an employee’s work status, restrictions, disability, etc.
  • They can give insight into how the injury occurred and testify that there was no pre-existing condition on record.
  • They can give their professional opinions about the capabilities and disabilities the worker has and whether or not he or she should return to work.

Selecting Witnesses for Your Case

Your attorney can review the facts surrounding your accident and determine which parties may be able to serve as witnesses. At Bader Scott Injury Lawyers, we have built an excellent network of expert witnesses throughout Georgia who are familiar with the legal aspects involved in workers’ compensation claims and who are respected in the medical community.

If and when our clients’ cases are set for a hearing with an ALJ, we employ the experts who are most suitable for the case. For instance, if the employee’s work injury involves a lot of back pain, we may utilize both a back specialist and a pain specialist.

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