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With Winter Approaching, Storm Cleanup a Safety Concern

With unpredictable weather coming, a recent OSHA warning for storm cleanup workers should serve as an important reminder to everyone. The Southeast region of the Occupational Safety and Health Administration issued a warning from its Atlanta office to workers and members of the public in North Carolina in October. The warning was with respect to cleanup after Hurricane Joaquin ravaged the area. The warning gave specific tips for hurricane and tornado related hazards, from property damage, to downed trees and power lines, to floods and road obstructions from debris. According to the OSHA statement:

“Protective measures should include the following:

  • Evaluating the work area for hazards;
  • Employing engineering or work practice controls to mitigate hazards;
  • Using personal protective equipment;
  • Assuming all power lines are live;
  • Using portable generators, saws, ladders, vehicles and other equipment properly; and
  • Heeding safety precautions for traffic work zones.”

Hurricane cleanup can come with a variety of hazards including structural damage, electrical hazards, and tree damage. Any one of these can lead to fatal accidents if not approached with the utmost care.

Winter Weather and Safety Issues

As fall gives way to winter, hurricane risks taper off, but winter storms can still come with hazards of their own, including hail, ice, and occasionally snow. While it does not snow very often in Georgia (Atlanta averages under three inches of snowfall per year on just over 2 days per year), the rarity of these events leads to the further danger of catching people unprepared.  OSHA also has a winter storm safety resource to keep workers prepared for these rare occasions. Among the primary hazards of winter weather are slipping on ice, frostbite from exposure, and auto accidents caused by dangerous road conditions.

Even with little to no chance of snowfall, there are still dangers from wind, rain, hail, and occasional freezing temperatures. Rain is known to make the roads a much more dangerous place. Many workers’ compensation claims arise from injuries that occur during automobile accidents. Furthermore, injuries can be a factor during cleanup of winter storms as well. High winds, rain, and flooding can cause a number of types of property damage and physical hazards that require cleanup. Often, the dangers of storm cleanup are magnified by being in close proximity to roadways, where wet roads and wind can cause inattentive or unprepared drivers to lose control.

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