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Will I Win My Case for My Atlanta Personal Injury?

Winning your personal injury case is determined by a number of factors. You need to establish fault with the other party and also prove they were negligent in their actions. An Atlanta personal injury attorney can help you establish fault in a personal injury case and work to get you a settlement that provides for the injuries that you suffered.

When you file an Atlanta, GA, personal injury claim, your attorney will be sure to investigate your case and gather evidence that supports your claims. They may request photographs or have witnesses testify on your behalf. Photos can work to show an area or property that was unsafe or improperly maintained. This can also work to document the extent of your injuries and show proof the severity and extent of your injuries in an Atlanta personal injury case.

Witnesses may be called upon to support your account of the accident in your Atlanta personal injury in Georgia. These witnesses will provide their account of what happened or may be experts that can testify to the extent of your injuries and what caused them.

Working with an Atlanta personal injury attorney can be beneficial as Georgia has a comparative fault law when determining a settlement and fault in an Atlanta, GA, personal injury claim. Using comparative fault takes into account the percentage of fault of each party. This can affect your settlement award if it is shown that you were partially at fault.

When a jury determines that you were at fault for any reason they reduce this percentage from your total settlement award. For this reason, it is imperative that you have an Atlanta personal injury attorney to assist you with your case. It is their burden to show fault, and they can increase your chances of getting a full settlement award.

In an Atlanta personal injury claim, if you are 50 percent at fault or more for the accident, you will not receive a settlement award in your case. Talking to an Atlanta personal injury attorney helps to determine your fault in the case and can calculate a proper settlement award for your lawsuit.

What Can I Sue for in an Atlanta Personal Injury Case?

There are a variety of factors that go into determining the compensation you seek in an Atlanta, GA personal injury case. There are many damages that you can be awarded that can help you financially recover from your Atlanta personal injury in Georgia.

You may have medical bills that are piling up that were created from the treatment of your injuries in your Atlanta, GA, personal injury claim. These are sought as part of your award settlement as well as any lost wages you incurred due to your recovery. Your Atlanta personal injury attorney will help you calculate any current and future lost wages or medical treatment that is necessary to for your recovery or to treat your injuries in the long term.

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In Atlanta, you also qualify for any pain and suffering damages you incurred from the accident and your injuries. This can include any emotion anguish you suffered or mental pain your endured because of the accident.

The law for an Atlanta personal injury claim also allows for damages for loss of consortium and loss of enjoyment. These both can take a toll on your life and cause you to live your life differently than you did before the accident. Loss of consortium is the loss of companionship because of death or behavior changes, and loss of enjoyment is any activities that you can no longer take part in because of your injuries. Both can be sought in an Atlanta, GA personal injury case.

You also have the option to seek punitive damages. These damages are intended to provide additional punishment to the defendant in your Atlanta, GA, personal injury case. They can provide for you financially and allow you to move forward with your life in a more whole way. These damages also act as a deterrent to others that engage in similar risky behavior.

Book a Consultation with an Experienced Atlanta Personal Injury Lawyer

When injured because of the fault of another, you need an attorney that you can count on to win your case. The Atlanta personal injury attorneys at the Bader Scott Injury Lawyers can help. They advise you on your legal rights when it comes to an Atlanta, GA, personal injury case and help you get the settlement award you deserve for your injuries. Contact us today to set up a consultation.

Seth Bader is an Auto accident, Workers Compensation and Personal Injury Attorney who practices in Atlanta, Rome, Savannah, Norcross, Carrollton, Georgia. He graduated from Florida State University College of Law, and has been practicing law for 14 years. Seth Bader believes in fighting for the injured. Learn more about his experience by clicking here.

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