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Will I Be Covered For My Second Job If I’m Injured?

Client suffers an on-the-job injury.
What happens when I’m injured?

In 2012, about 5% of the U.S. working population worked more than one job concurrently. In South Dakota, the percentage is the highest at 9%. What would happen in Georgia if you sustained a work-related injury that results in you being unable to work at both places of employment?

In Georgia, under the State Board of Workers Compensation, there is a certain provision including a concurrent job’s earnings into the temporary total disability compensation. That clause includes a “similarity clause” which states that the lost wages may be provided if the job is “related”. For example:

A. If the employee has similar concurrent employment, the wages paid by all similar concurrent employers must be included in calculating the average weekly wage. If the concurrent employment is of the same general nature, it is similar. For example, school bus driver and a taxi driver.

This is why hiring an attorney is absolutely critical to ensure your rights are protected and you are being compensated to the maximum amount possible. It is not uncommon for workers to run into speed bumps with their workers’ compensation benefits. Claims get denied, disability ratings can be inaccurate, and benefits can be stalled. Are you sure you’re receiving the correct amount? Do you need help securing income benefits?

For help with a workers’ compensation claim in Atlanta, we encourage you to call our team at Bader Scott Injury Lawyers. Contact us anytime to schedule a free, no-obligation consultation at 678-562-5595, and let us help you secure the benefits to which you are entitled.

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