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What is Covered by Atlanta Workers’ Comp?

When you need Atlanta workers’ comp coverage because of injuries in a workplace accident, you can count on getting medical benefits as well as lost wages as compensation for your injuries. Under the law, Atlanta worker’s comp provides benefit coverage for employees injured in a workplace accident.

The coverage for Atlanta workers’ comp pays compensation for all employees that work for a company that has at least three or more employees working for them. Your employer is required to have worker’s comp coverage and will provide you benefits for all full-time and part-time workers.

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The only employers that are exempt from Atlanta workers’comp coverage are those that have less than three employees. It is always a good idea to ensure that your employer provides benefits in the event you are hurt on the job.

Does Atlanta Workers’ Comp Cover Medical Expenses?

Under Atlanta worker’s comp, you will receive medical benefits to treat your injuries that you sustained from a workplace accident. This should cover any medical expenses needed to recover from your work-related injuries. Your benefits could include coverage for doctor visits as well as hospital stays, physical therapy, surgeries, prescriptions, prosthetic appliances, and tests and procedures as necessary.

In order to receive this type of compensation, you will need a medical professional to confirm that you need treatment due to the injuries sustained when you were hurt while on the job. Your workplace’s insurance provider may state that in order for you to receive compensation for your medical expenses, you will need to receive care from one of their approved doctors.

In these cases, your employer must provide you with a list of at least six approved doctors that can provide care and treatment for your injuries. These doctors should be within your approximate location of living and offer you the care you need to get better from your workplace injuries. Your employer must also offer you access to doctors 24/7 for emergency care or off-hour treatment.

Does Atlanta Workers’ Comp Cover Lost Wages?

Through the Atlanta workers’ comp program, you may be qualified to receive compensation for time spent away from work. These benefits get based on the severity and extent of your injuries and how disabling they may be to your work performance.

For injuries that lead to temporary partial disability, you receive payment for up to 2/3 of your average wage. These benefits pay out for a total of 400 weeks or until your injury improves, whichever occurs first. The maximum payment received under a temporary partial disability is $575.

For injuries that are more severe and encompass a total permanent disability, you could receive benefits for life. This type of Atlanta worker’s comp compensation occurs on an award schedule that is paid out based on the nature of your injury and its debilitating effects that prevent you from working long-term.

In the event that you can work in a reduced role or a lower capacity, you can still receive worker’s comp in Atlanta. These benefits pay a 2/3 the difference of your current wage and your previous wage to a maximum of up to $378. This compensation pays out for a total of 300 or weeks or until you are medically improved, whichever occurs first.

When you are released by your doctor to return to work, you must report back to your employer for duty. Even if you can only perform light-duty work, you must continue working. You could receive partial temporary disability benefits under Atlanta worker’s comp to supplement your wages at a lower pay.

Failing to return to work after a doctor has released you for light duty, results in loss of your worker’s comp benefits. This would make you financially responsible for your medical bills and provide no benefits for your lost wage earnings.

Does Atlanta Worker’s Comp Cover Death?

When a loved one passes away on the job, it can be devastating to their loved ones. They can receive financial relief through the Atlanta worker’s comp program and are provided compensation to cover any lost wages during this difficult time.

Under the laws for worker’s comp, your spouse, dependents, and stepchildren receive up to 2/3 of your average wage up to a maximum of $575. This pays a maximum of $230,000 in benefits to a surviving spouse.

In addition, benefits are available to cover funeral expenses. These benefits pay up to $7500 to cover funeral and burial costs upon your death from a workplace accident.

How Do I File for Atlanta Workers’ Comp?

To file for Atlanta workers’ comp, you need to fill out form WC-14 and submit it to the State Board of Worker’s Comp. It is important that you complete and submit your application for a workplace injury accident as soon as possible.

You only have 30 days from the date of the accident to notify your employer of your injuries and file a claim with the Atlanta workers’ comp commission. Failing to report your injuries to your employer with the 30-day deadline could mean forfeiture of your benefits under the law. For this reason, it is imperative that you report all injuries to your employer as soon as they occur.

If you need assistance filling out your worker’s comp claim, an attorney can assist you with the process. They can ensure you file within the allotted time frame and ensure you receive full compensation for your injuries.

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