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What Sort Of Questions Should I Ask An Attorney Before Hiring One

Before you hire a workers’ compensation attorney, you should ask him or her any questions that will help you determine whether you would feel comfortable and confident with this person representing you.

Some good questions to ask a workers’ compensation attorney are:

  • Do you specialize in workers’ compensation law?
  • Do you represent injured workers or employers, or both?
  • How long have you been practicing workers’ compensation law?
  • What types of legal issues have you handled in prior workers’ comp. cases?
  • What types of injuries have you handled in prior workers’ comp. cases?
  • Will you explain the legal issues and medical issues in my case to me?
  • Will you send me copies of documents that you prepare in my workers’ comp case?
  • Will you regularly keep me informed about the status of my workers’ comp case?
  • Can I participate actively in my workers’ compensation case?
  • Can I reduce litigation expenses by providing you with copies of my documents?
  • Can I call you whenever I have a question or concern about my workers’ comp. case?

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