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What Should I Do If I Receive A Medical Bill

Medical providers sometimes send medical bills to injured workers either by mistake or because they don’t know that the injured worker is on workers’ compensation.  If you a receive medical bill from an authorized medical provider, you should immediately call the insurance adjuster to let them know about the bill and, if possible, you mail or fax a copy to the adjuster so they can take care of the bill as quickly as possible.  In addition, you should immediately call and write a letter to the medical provider to provide them with your workers’ compensation claim information.  You are not responsible for any portion of your authorized medical bills, but if you don’t inform the adjuster and medical provider that you received a bill, there is a good chance that the medical provider will continue to send you bills.

If you are represented by an attorney and receive a medical bill for your on-the-job injury, you should immediately send a copy to your attorney so he or she can communicate with the adjuster and your medical provider to make sure the bills is paid in a timely manner.  If you are not represented by an attorney and have any questions or concerns about your medical bills, we encourage you to contact an experienced Atlanta workers’ compensation attorney who can help.

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