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What Does Workers Compensation Insurance Cover in Georgia?

Workers compensation is a form of insurance that covers an injury that occurred in the workplace in Savannah, GA. This information is dispersed throughout the working community. However, few people pursue more detailed information until they have been injured and are not sure what the steps are to handle the injury. Below are relevant details to what is covered and for how long. 

Savannah, Georgia Workers Compensation Lawyer
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Time Limits for Filing Workers Comp Claims in Georgia

The first step is to report the injury to your employer. This must be done within 30 days of when the accident occurred. Failure to do this can have a significant impact on whether you receive workers compensation benefits.

The next relevant time frame is for filing the claim with the State Board of Workers’ Compensation. This must be done within one year of the date that the injury occurred in order to be eligible for workers compensation benefits in Savannah, GA.

In a case where the doctor approved you to return to work, or you have returned to work in some capacity, the typical cutoff for receiving benefits is two years. However, for those who are permanently disabled and unable to return to work, the benefits will continue for the rest of your life.


Wage Benefits After a Workplace Injury in Savannah

Typical benefits after an injury are two-thirds of your weekly wage. This can be received for a maximum of 350 weeks following the accident, if you were injured after July 1, 2016. There is also a maximum for this payment of $575 per week.

In a case of Permanent Partial Disability (discussed further below), the maximum weekly benefit is $383 after you have returned to work.

Specific types of injuries can have a specific amount for benefits or a set time frame for benefits received. It is a good idea to get an understanding of these specifications. It can help while planning treatment and setting a goal for returning to work at full capacity or in some form. It also allows for a better grasp of financial well-being following the accident.


Medical Coverage for the Specified Injury

Doctors visits and all related testing to determine the exact nature of the injury should be covered by workers compensation insurance in Savannah, GA. Meanwhile, the further costs related to surgeries, treatments, and rehabilitation will all need approval. This payment is made when the doctor is covered within the network the worker’s compensation insurance provides to the injured party. Seeing a doctor outside of that network without pre-approval may result in refusal to pay for that specific doctor visit and associated tests.


Issues Due to Permanent Partial Disability

In a situation where you have recovered somewhat but are not expected to receive the full range of mobility, sight or hearing, it is important to confer with your doctor. That doctor may give you a rating in regard to permanent partial disability, or PPD. If this is given, it will factor into the continuation of benefits awarded to you from your employer. However, the doctor may not give this rating. In that case, a continuation of benefits may be an issue where legal counsel is required.


Medication Related to the Injury that Occurred at Work

This is handled on a situational basis. For a large company, there may be a specific pharmacy you are required to use in order to have payment made on your behalf for the necessary prescriptions. Meanwhile, a smaller business may request you pay upfront and submit the receipt for reimbursement. It is best to clarify this with the employer. If they are not answering, then pay for the subscription when possible and submit the receipt to your legal counsel. They can pass it along to the employer for reimbursement purposes.


Cost for Travel to Georgia Doctor Appointments

There is typically a payment per mile for trips to the doctor. It can be around the 40-cent range. It is important to confirm this as soon as possible with your employer. Then, it is important to keep a log of all miles traveled to visit doctors, specialists and treatment facilities for workers compensation treatment in Savannah, GA.

There is also reimbursement for travel for medical testing like an x-ray, MRI or another scan.


What if My Georgia Employer Refuses to Pay for Workers Compensation?

There is a 21-day window after a claim is filed when insurance is investigating the claim. If the claim was filed properly and insurance finds it valid, and the employer refuses to pay, you will have to request a hearing with the State Board of Workers’ Compensation.

A hearing is typically scheduled within 60 days of receiving the request. A judge will hear the case and review evidence. A decision will then be given. There is no legal recourse in terms of civil cases or jury trials that relate to workers compensation benefits. The only legal recourse for these cases is through the State Board of Workers’ Compensation.


What If My Workers Comp Check Does Not Arrive on Time?

In the event that workers compensation benefits have been determined and you are meant to be receiving a check on a designated day, keep track of any occasions when the check does not arrive on time. If the check was sent after the last day of the pay period and this can be proven, then a 15% penalty can be levied on the insurance company. However, checks do get lost in the mail, so it may be difficult to prove it was sent later than it should have been.


Discuss the Details of Your Workers’ Comp Case with Bader Scott Injury Lawyers Today

Concerns related to workers compensation cases in Savannah, GA, should be taken to legal counsel. Experienced lawyers like Bader Scott Injury Lawyers have decades of experience in these cases.

They can provide relevant information and important details you might otherwise have missed while pursuing your case. Each case is different. However, some cases these lawyers have handled in the past may have enough similarity that you can gain a better understanding of how the process will move forward.

Experienced professionals at Bader Scott Injury Lawyers can be reached via their website or by calling 678-562-5595 today for valuable insight into your case.

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