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What Are The Benefits Of Having A Workers Compensation Attorney

Georgia workers’ compensation law is a complex area of the law that requires injured workers to comply with different laws and rules and usually requires injured workers to properly complete and file different forms with the State Board of Workers’ Compensation. 

Because an experienced Atlanta workers’ compensation attorney understands the workers’ compensation laws and rules, he or she can help protect your rights and advance your best interests. 

Here is a summary of what a good workers‘ compensation attorney can do for you:

  • Protect and advance your legal rights
  • Get you the best medical treatment possible
  • Pursue maximum compensation for you
  • Make sure you get weekly checks on time
  • Help you with work restrictions and light-duty
  • Build your case for a hearing or settlement
  • Represent you at an evidentiary hearing
  • Negotiate the best possible settlement for you

Insurance companies know that most injured workers neither know their legal rights nor the remedies available to them.  As such, they frequently take advantage of injured workers to minimize their recovery and negotiate the lowest possible settlement with them.  An experienced workers’ compensation attorney can help an injured worker prevent this from happening.

For a free consultation regarding your case, you can contact an Atlanta workers’ compensation attorney at Bader Scott Injury Lawyers or you can call us at 404.917.9174.  There are no attorney’s fees unless we win.

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