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Vision Loss

The effects of vision loss can be devastating on those suffering from vision loss and their families, especially when a person’s vision disappears over a short period of time. Making matters worse, in many cases, a person is left with permanent impairment and sometimes even total blindness.

The majority of work-related injuries to the eye are a result of particles or equipment striking the eye. Workers who work with dangerous tools and machinery are a high risk due to the materials they are working with. We have handled thousands of cases where our clients have suffered injuries to their eye to due flying particles such as wood, metal, stone, leaving them partially blind.


Our Atlanta Workers’ Compensation Attorneys Can Help You 


Understanding eligibility for workers’ compensation benefits can be confusing, especially if you work for a small company or are unsure whether or not your employer carries workers’ compensation insurance. You might have questions about your injury being covered, particularly if it happened during work hours but off of the job site.

For answers to all your legal questions regarding workers’ compensation eligibility and how to apply, the attorneys at Bader Scott Injury Lawyers, can help you. To meet with our legal team today, call 678-562-5595 to schedule your free consultation.

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