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Joe’s Testimonial

How was your experience with your attorney, Daniel O’Connell and Bader Law Firm, LLC?

The lawyer that I DID have I never received a good response from her. I would call for at least 2 months and never got a response. So another friend of mine that dealt with yall (Bader Law Firm) said to call Bader Law Firm and so I did. I really appreciate Bader Law Firm. Every time I called, I immediately got a response. I wasn’t waiting 2,3 days, I was getting a response back. They said to call anytime and that’s what I did. If I couldn’t get him then when I called, he would call me back. Dan O’Connell was on the job. The only law firm I recommend today and any other time. You will be pleased with Bader Law Firm. You don’t’ have to wait at all, you can call at any time and they will respond. If you get hurt I advise to call Bader Law Firm.

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