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Temporary Partial Disability Benefits in Atlanta

Unlike temporary total disability benefits – which are paid to injured workers unable to return to work for at least seven days – temporary partial disability benefits in Atlanta are paid to workers who are able to return to work, but in a lesser-paying position.

How long can I receive temporary partial disability benefits? 

If you qualify for temporary partial disability benefits, you can receive benefits for up to 350 weeks from the date of your injury.

Calculating Temporary Partial Disability Benefits 

The amount paid for temporary partial disability benefits depends on your average weekly wages before the injury, as well as those you receive after the injury. These benefits equal two-thirds of the difference between your wages before your injury and after the injury.

So if you were receiving $750 a week before the injury and now you’re in a position paying you $500 a week as you recover, you are entitled to two-thirds of $250; it comes out to about $166.67 a week. The weekly maximum for temporary partial disability benefits is $350 per week, as of July 1, 2013.

Are any other benefits available? 

While temporary partial disability is available to workers able to return to work – albeit at a lower-paying wage – temporary total disability may be available if you cannot return to work at all for at least seven days.

After exhausting the 350 week period for temporary partial disability, a worker who has sustained a catastrophic injury – an injury severe enough to prevent the employee from being able to return to prior work – the worker may be able to qualify for permanent partial disability benefits.

Can anyone help me get workers’ compensation benefits? 

After a work injury in Atlanta, talk to Bader Scott Injury Lawyers, about the workers’ compensation benefits you may receive. You could recover benefits for medical treatment as well as income benefits, including temporary partial disability. We’ll help you throughout the process, whether that means requesting a hearing or appealing a judge’s ruling.

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