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atlanta georgia workers' comp lawyer

When Lightning Strikes

Commercial pilots are tasked with carrying the most precious cargo – human lives. On any …

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atlanta georgia workers' comp attorney

Deadly Trenching Collapses

All phases of construction work come with their own set of hazardous conditions, but trench …

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work injury claim attorney in atlanta ga


In August, a Georgia Department of Transportation Highway Emergency Response Operators (HERO) program officer was …

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workers compensation lawyer in atlanta ga

The Most Dangerous Job In America

It comes as no surprise that some jobs are extremely dangerous – when watching the …

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atlanta Georgia work injury claim attorney

Construction Falls

Construction workers risk their lives every day to make our cities bigger and better. Whether …

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atlanta georgia work injury lawyer

Airport Construction Jobs On The Horizon

With Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport’s recent announcement of plans to upgrade and expand the airport, …

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savannah georgia workers comp lawyer

Georgia More Generous to Injured Workers than Neighbor States

According to a recent study by Safety National, an alternative risk insurance provider, Wisconsin was …

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savannah GA workers compensation attorney

New Bill Provides Presumptive Eligibility for Firefighters with Cancer But Not Mental Illness

On February 25, 2016, House Bill 216 passed the Georgia State House and is presently …

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savannah ga workers compensation attorney

Should I Mediate My Georgia Workers’ Compensation Case?

Whether or not to attempt mediation, like any legal strategy, is always a tough decision. …

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