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Motorcycle Accident Lawyer in Rome Georgia

How to Avoid a Motorcycle Accident in Rome, GA

Riding a motorcycle allows you to experience the road with total freedom. But, it can …

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Board Rule 61b30 Form Wc205request For Authorization Of Treatment Or Testing By Authorized Medical Provider

Authorized medical providers seeking approval for treatment or testing shall send this form by facsimile …

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Board Rule 208 Managed Care Organization Rules

(a) Application and certification. (1) All provisions of this Rule constitute the minimum requirements necessary …

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Board Rule 61b36 Form Wc240notice To Employee Of Offer Of Suitable Employment

The employer/insurer shall use this form to notify an employee of an offer of employment …

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Ocga 349206 Reimbursement For Costs Of Medical Treatment

(a)  Any party to a claim under this chapter, a group insurance company, or other …

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Board Rule 61b1 Form Wc1 Employers First Report Of Injury

Employers shall complete Section A immediately upon knowledge of an injury and submit the form …

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Board Rule 61b37 Form Wc240ajob Analysis

An employer/insurer may use this form in conjunction with a Form WC-240 to provide a …

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Board Rule 61b13 Form Wc20a Medical Report

This report and/or the HCFA 1500, HCFA 1450, and/or UB92 shall be completed and filed …

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Board Rule 203 Payment Of Medical Expenses Procedure When Amount Of Expenses Are Disputed

(a) Medical expenses shall be limited to the usual, customary and reasonable charges as found …

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