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Atlanta Personal Injury Attorney Georgia

Will I Win My Case for My Atlanta Personal Injury?

Winning your personal injury case is determined by a number of factors. You need to …

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Board Rule 104 Suspensionreinstatement Of Benefits

(a)  To unilaterally convert the employee’s income benefits from temporary total disability income benefits to …

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Board Rule 61b36 Form Wc240notice To Employee Of Offer Of Suitable Employment

The employer/insurer shall use this form to notify an employee of an offer of employment …

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Board Rule 61b37 Form Wc240ajob Analysis

An employer/insurer may use this form in conjunction with a Form WC-240 to provide a …

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Ocga 349240 Effect Of Refusal Of Suitable Employment By Injured Employee Attempting Or Refusing To Attempt Work With Restrictions

(a)  If an injured employee refuses employment procured for him or her and suitable to …

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Board Rule 13 Termination Of Dependency

(a)  The employer/insurer may terminate dependency benefits on the basis of a meretricious relationship only …

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Board Rule 61b3 Form Wc2a Notice Of Payment Of Suspension Of Death Benefits

Use in death case in lieu of Form WC-2.  Use when change in dependency occurs.  …

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Board Rule 204 Subsequent Nonwork Related Injury Chain Of Causation Burden Of Proof

The employer/insurer shall not suspend weekly benefits on the ground that a subsequent nonwork- related …

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Board Rule 208 Managed Care Organization Rules

(a) Application and certification. (1) All provisions of this Rule constitute the minimum requirements necessary …

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