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Board Rule 61 Publication Of Notice Of Operation Under Act Forms

(a)  All employers operating under the Georgia Workers’ Compensation Law shall post notice as hereinafter …

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Board Rule 61b11 Form Wc14a Request To Change Information On A Previously Filed Form Wc14

A party or attorney shall file this form with the Board when requesting correction of …

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Board Rule 61b1 Form Wc1 Employers First Report Of Injury

Employers shall complete Section A immediately upon knowledge of an injury and submit the form …

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Ocga 349284 Liability Of Last Employer Compensation Based On Average Weekly Wage

Where compensation is payable for an occupational disease, the employer in whose employment the employee …

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Board Rule 61b23 Form Wc108a Attorney Fee Approval

An attorney shall file this form in order to request approval of a fee contract, …

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Ocga 349362 Notice By Employer Or Insurer Of Claim Against Fund Request For A Hearing

(a)  An employer or insurer shall notify the administrator of the fund of any possible …

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Board Rule 61b22 Form Wc104 Notice To Employee Of Medical Release To Return To Work With Restrictions Or Limitations

For non-catastrophic accidents occurring on or after July 1, 1992, the employer/insurer shall send this …

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Board Rule 82 Statute Of Limitation And Procedure For Filing Claims

(a) Any defense as to the time of filing a claim is waived unless it …

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Board Rule 61b41 Form Wcchange Of Address Change Of Address

This form is to be used only to change certain addresses of record.  For employees, …

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