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Online Filing Now Available At The State Board

The State Board of Workers’ Compensation recently announced that attorneys registered to use the State …

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Board Rule 61b1 Form Wc1 Employers First Report Of Injury

Employers shall complete Section A immediately upon knowledge of an injury and submit the form …

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Board Rule 61b17 Form Wc100request For Settlement Mediation

To be used when a party is requesting a settlement mediation. Form WC-100/Request for Settlement …

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Board Rule 61b36 Form Wc240notice To Employee Of Offer Of Suitable Employment

The employer/insurer shall use this form to notify an employee of an offer of employment …

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Board Rule 61b44 Form Wcr2 Rehabilitation Transmittal Report

The principal rehabilitation supplier shall file: (A)  To accompany updated narrative progress reports on catastrophic …

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Board Rule 61b19 Form Wc102bnotice Of Representation By An Attorney For An Employer Insurer Or Partyatinterest

A claimant’s attorney shall file a by filing their attorney fee contract in compliance with …

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Board Rule 61b27 Form Wc131a Permit To Write Insurance Update

Insurers shall complete this form annually and file it with the Board when updating a …

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Board Rule 61b23 Form Wc108a Attorney Fee Approval

An attorney shall file this form in order to request approval of a fee contract, …

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Board Rule 61b18 Form Wc102request For Documents From Parties

Prior or subsequent to a hearing being requested in a claim, the parties shall be …

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