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Surveillance Leads To Finding Of Workers Comp Fraud

It may seem obvious to most people, but it is worth noting that when a workers’ compensation doctor places someone under physical restrictions these restrictions apply not just when that individual is at work, but also when he or she is away from work. 

It is common for insurance companies to order video surveillance of a person who is under work restrictions. A private investigator may tape that worker while they are entering or exiting their home, while they are shopping, or even while they are exercising. 

If an injured worker is caught doing something beyond their restrictions, their doctor may release them back to full-duty work as a result. If a person is receiving income benefits when they are caught doing something beyond their restrictions, the consequences may be far more serious.

Recently an Ohio man, who had been placed under 10 pound lifting restrictions, and who was receiving income benefits, was caught bench pressing hundreds of pounds in free weights at a local gym. Not only were his workers’ compensation benefits stopped, but he was also found guilty of fraud and ordered to repay more than $31,000.00 of benefits that he had already received.

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