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Staying Aware of Brain Injuries from Car Accidents

In the United States alone, over a million people are treated for brain injuries every year. Over 50 percent of the reported cases are brain injuries from car accidents. Most victims end up having prolonged symptoms that affect their daily functions and work productivity.

Traumatic brain injury (TBI) accounts for over 30 percent of all injury deaths recorded in the United States per year. It’s thus important to diagnose it early and take appropriate measures to prevent its adverse long-term effects or even death.

Read on to learn more about brain injuries from car accidents, and the symptoms you should be aware of:

Brain Injuries in Car Accidents

Most people think that it takes a huge car crash for one to incur injuries to the brain, but that’s not the case. Car injury lawyers will tell you otherwise because they have dealt with many accident victims who suffer head trauma.

A minor car crash can cause brain injuries to you. It’s not even a must that your head comes into contact with an object such as the steering wheel or dashboard for injuries to occur. An emergency brake is enough to cause traumatic brain injuries.

The problem with brain injuries from a car accident is that they are difficult to understand or point out. Most accident victims with TBI speak and look normal. And this is because the more common symptoms of the problem involve a victim’s emotional and cognitive functions.

If you’re involved in a car accident, it’s important that your doctor, vehicle accident attorney, family, and you are aware of head trauma symptoms. The long-term effects of brain injuries from car accidents can be harsh and life-altering. It’s always imperative to receive treatment and care as early as possible.

How Do Injuries to the Brain Occur in Car Accidents?

The brain is a sensitive and delicate part of the human body. It’s not friendly to impacts and violent forces to the head. If you’re involved in a car accident, sudden and brutal forces are not something you’re likely to escape.

Brain injuries mainly occur through tearing, bleeding, and swelling. These injuries are difficult to note at the time of the accident.

In one way, brain injury can occur when your skull hits an object like a steering wheel during a car accident. This causes the soft tissue in the brain to collide and get squished against the internal hard bone of the skull. It happens because the brain continues in its movement even when your head comes to a sudden stop, striking the interior if the skull with a bang.

The impact causes bruising to the soft brain tissues, and this is known as a contusion. Blood vessels may also burst and result in bleeding (brain hemorrhage), which is a dangerous condition. A flood of blood into other sections of the brain results in injuries, and that hampers its cognitive functions.

Adverse Effects of Brain Hemorrhage

The blood from the injured area does not have anywhere to escape to because the skull is hard, and it can’t expand. This causes the blood to exert pressure on soft brain tissue and interfere with its functioning. With excess bleeding, the blood will make certain areas of the brain to have trouble functioning or even fail to work completely.

Most car accidents victims die from head trauma because a part of their brain that controls a critical function like breathing suffers a brain hemorrhage.

Brain injury may also occur when a collision causes the brain tissue opposite the side of impact to pull away from the skull. The injury occurs on the site where brain tissue is detached. This is called blunt trauma, and it happens when the head collides with a stationary object like the windscreen, resulting in an open wound.

After Car Accident Symptoms of Brain Injuries

As mentioned earlier, a person with brain injuries may appear normal immediately after a car accident. But as the bleeding continues, the situation can escalate fast. Vital symptoms to look out for shortly after the crash include confusion, headache, and dizziness.

If you have these symptoms after being in a car accident, find professional medical help quickly.

Other symptoms of brain injuries from car accidents include:

Neurological Symptoms

Traumatic brain injury may affect the sensory and motor functions of the brain. If you experience any complications with your sense or mobility within a few days of months after a car accident, it could be a sign of brain injury.

The severity of the symptoms depends on the nature of your initial head trauma. In the long-term, you may experience neurological signs such as movement disorders, seeing difficulties, and seizures.

Cognitive Symptoms

Brain injury can impair your cognitive skills in a significant way, especially over time. Some of the most common problems you’re likely to face are memory impairment or loss, attention deficiency, and poor perception capabilities.

Also, you may start having problems with your visual and language proficiency. In the long-term TBI interferes with your problem-solving skills, judgment, planning abilities, decision-making, and abstract reasoning among more.

Most of these symptoms may be confused with the onset of old age, so they often go unnoticed. If you have been in a car accident and you experience any of such symptoms, go for a check-up.

Behavioral Symptoms

Brain injuries may also influence your behaviors. It could be the reason for your unexplained aggression, learning difficulties, and agitation. It could lead to mood disorders and emotional complications, depression and anxiety, and weird personality variations.

People who suffer from TBI are also likely to have a high risk of committing suicide, using drugs, and suffering relationship strains.

Brain Injuries from Car Accidents

Brain injuries from car accidents can have severe short and long-term symptoms. Without early diagnosis and treatment, the effects of brain injuries can be detrimental and life-threatening. If you suspect any of the above symptoms are as a result of brain injury from an auto accident, seek help from a doctor and Atlanta accident attorney.

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