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Semi Truck Accidents: Dangerous and Deadly

Car accidents can cause a lot of havoc in your life, especially semi-truck accidents. Semi-truck accidents are especially dangerous, even when the crash is relatively minor.

Semi-Truck Accidents

There are many reasons that semi-truck accidents are so catastrophic. Knowing why they are catastrophic will hopefully help you steer clear of anything noted on this list.


Depending on the type of cargo the semi-truck is carrying, the accident can be more or less dangerous. A truck that carries propane will be significantly more damaging if there is an accident. However, a truck carrying explosive or flammable material, the cargo is typically labeled on the outside.

Lots of trucks don’t have the type of cargo they are carrying on the outside of their trailer. Even if they aren’t carrying something particularly heavy or damaging, they’ve still got a massive trailer full of cargo that could potentially crush a car.

Overworked Employees

Over 750,000 people a year die as a result of semi-truck accidents. Many of these accidents are as a result of the overwork of the truck employees. The employees are on time constraints, which forces them to race against the clock and often skip out on sleep.

Driving tired is similar to driving drunk. Not only this but since semi-trucks are so much larger than a typical car, so it’s no wonder that the results are so dangerous.

Wide Turns

Semi-trucks and many other large work vehicles have to take wide turns. Sometimes it isn’t labeled on their trailer or the back of their car. In conjunction with the fact that they have such a large blind spot, they can easily crash into a car while trying to get into the next lane to make such a wide turn.

Wide turn hits are incredibly common. Sometimes it’s only a minor sideswipe, but depending on the road and speed of the other driver the results can be much more serious.

Simple Inexperience

There is a large turnover rate in truck driving. This in combination with things like being overworked and wide turns causes a lot more accidents among inexperienced drivers.

This inexperience can cause accidents because making wide turns is something that drivers learn with time. There isn’t much a person could do to avoid this, but if you’ve been crashed into and are thinking about a lawsuit this is definitely something to look into.

Loss Of Control

Sometimes a semi-truck might just lose control on the road. This can happen for a number of reasons but the most common are weather conditions or driving too fast. A semi-truck is a very large vehicle and once they lose control, they are very hard to stop.

47% of truck crashes were at the fault of the driver losing control of the vehicle. This means that almost half of semi-truck accidents are as a result of a truck losing control. This means that if you happen to get into an accident, contacting an accident lawyer is in your best interest.

How to Avoid Accidents

A lot of the time, semi-truck accidents aren’t the smaller cars fault. However, there are a few things that a driver can do to lessen the chances of getting into a serious accident with a truck.

Trucks Are Huge

As a result of semi-trucks massive size, they take significantly longer to come to an abrupt stop than a normal car. This means when you’re switching lanes that you should make sure there is the extra distance between you and the truck. If weather conditions are bad, you should make sure there is even more distance.

Trust Your Gut

If you see a semi-truck swerving around on the road, avoid it. If you think that the truck is endangering other drivers on the road, call the police. This could save someone’s life and keep an accident from happening.

Calling the police should be your first thought whenever you see dangerous driving activity concerning semi-trucks. Your concern should be taken seriously because truck accidents are some of the most dangerous car accidents out there.

Pay Attention to the Weather

A majority of accidents where a truck driver loses control of their vehicle is related to the weather. When you’re driving in particularly bad weather, avoiding driving next to a semi-truck is the best idea.

While this might not be feasible depending on the road you’re staying on, pay attention to how they are driving. If you don’t feel like they are driving safely given the weather, call the police. If you don’t feel comfortable driving behind the truck, pull over and wait until they either pass or get far enough up that you don’t need to drive behind them.

What to Do Once You’ve Been Hit

The first thing you should do after you’ve been hit by a semi-truck is contact motor accident lawyers. Semi-truck accidents can cause serious damage and by getting an Atlanta personal injury attorney, you can be assured that you’re getting the help you need.

Of course, you should be looking for specific things from your car accident lawyers. There are plenty of attorneys in Atlanta, but not all of them are qualified for the job you’ve got at hand. Make sure you check out their qualifications and double-check with other attorneys.

We’ve Got Your Back

Semi-truck accidents are dangerous and at Bader Scott Injury Lawyers, we have got your best interest at heart. We want to help and make sure your needs are taken care of, especially with something as dangerous as a cargo truck accident.

If you’ve recently been in a car accident in Atlanta, contact us and let us help you if you decide to pursue a lawsuit. We’re experienced lawyers with personal injury cases, in fact, we only take cases related to personal injury. You deserve to have someone help you in the case of such a terrible accident and we can do just that.

Seth Bader is an Auto accident, Workers Compensation and Personal Injury Attorney who practices in Atlanta, Rome, Savannah, Norcross, Carrollton, Georgia. He graduated from Florida State University College of Law, and has been practicing law for 14 years. Seth Bader believes in fighting for the injured. Learn more about his experience by clicking here.

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