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Safety Concerns After Atlanta Airport Security Breach

In a strange incident, a man discovered a loaded semi-automatic handgun in his backpack after passing through airport security in Atlanta, boarding his plane, and arriving in Chicago. The incident has caused alarm for a number of reasons, including the background of the recent TSA scandals and the heightened vigilance in light of the recent Paris terrorist attacks.

While it is not yet clear whether the man simply left the gun in his bag by mistake or it was planted on him without him knowing, what is abundantly clear is that the incident constitutes a major security breakdown. The man was apparently not arrested as he self-reported the incident and clearly had no intention of carrying a weapon on the flight. However, the incident is being investigated by authorities to determine how the security breakdown took place. According to the TSA’s official statement:

“If we find that standard procedures were not adhered to, we will retrain employees as necessary to ensure compliance with standard operating procedures. When our employees fail to meet standards, we hold them appropriately accountable.”

Workplace Violence and Workers’ Compensation

Workplace violence is not among the leading causes of workplace injury, but it is a significant factor in workers’ compensation and death benefits claims. Robberies and attempted robberies are actually the most common form of workplace violence to which employees are subjected.  However, workplace violence also occurs between co-workers and by the acts of disgruntled employees or former employees. Furthermore, acts of terrorism are also classified for these purposes as workplace violence.

Federal Employees

Had some incident taken place in which a person actually brought a gun onto a flight with intent to do harm, and actually carried out an attack that injured or killed employees, some specific areas of workers’ compensation law would have applied to the damages.

In the case of federal workers such as FAA employees, TSA employees, or federal air marshals, the injured employees would have their workers’ compensation cases processed through the federal employees’ compensation program, a specially administered program that operates under a division of the federal department of labor.

In the case of airport or airline employees, ordinary state workers’ compensation would apply.  However, which state’s laws apply would depend partly on where the incident takes place, and partly on what, if any, choice of law provisions are written into the employer’s workers’ compensation insurance policy. Presumably, if an attack took place on the ground in an airport, the state in which the airport sits would have jurisdiction of the workers’ compensation issues.  But an attack in the air would be a much more complex situation.

Contact a Georgia Workers’ Compensation Attorney

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