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Roadway Construction Workers and the Start of Travel Season

As we head into spring and summer, we are beginning the season of increased travel and road trips. For most of us this means getting in our cars and heading out on vacation, whether a week-long escape or just a weekend jaunt. Nothing beats the feeling of heading off on the open road and leaving our worries behind, at least for that week or weekend. For some, though, an increase in travelers heading out on the open road means a decrease in their workplace safety. For the many folks who work in road construction, the extra vehicles on the road equals more hazards and dangers for them to try to avoid during their work day.

Dangers for Drivers and Workers Alike

Driving through the road construction zones is dangerous for everyone involved. Drivers need to exercise extra care to avoid obstacles such as construction cones, narrowed lanes, and heavy equipment merge areas that they are not used to have to maneuver around. At least the drivers are inside a vehicle, though, and are afforded the protection provided by their car or truck. The situation is more dangerous for those roadway construction workers who do not have the extra protection of being inside a vehicle.

Roadway Worker Deaths Down But Not Gone

According to a report by Liberty Mutual Research Institute for Safety, roadway incidents involving motor vehicles were sixth in the list of ten leading causes of workplace injuries in 2012. The report notes that, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), the leading cause of death for roadway workers was being hit by a motor vehicle while working on foot. The Department of Transportation, Federal Highway Administration (FHA) notes the problem of highway worker deaths and comments that the injuries and deaths that result from these types of accidents are preventable. The FHA statistics do show that the number of highway construction worker deaths decreased in general since 2005, though statistics are not yet available for the most recent years. The goal continues to be to get that number to zero, and the FHA offers some useful information on how to further reduce these types of incidents including increasing worker visibility, worker safety training, and better temporary traffic control measures.

When Injured on the Job, Bader Scott Injury Lawyers Is Your Source for Workers’ Compensation Representation

Despite the increased awareness of the problem of highway worker accidents, these workers must continue to work in hazardous conditions and injuries will still occur. When highway workers are injured on the job, their employer is required to provide workers’ compensation. Many times employers comply with this requirement without further ado, but just as often, you may need to take action to move your matter forward. If you have been injured during the course of your employment, contact the experienced Atlanta workers’ compensation lawyers at Bader Scott Injury Lawyers. We can help you to get the recovery you deserve and will advocate for your rights from start to finish. Visit us online today to get started with your complimentary no obligation consultation.

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