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The Risks Mothers Take When Driving with Children

Mothers know what’s best for their children, but it’s easy to forget about the dangers they’re subjecting their little ones to when doing something most of us do like second nature: driving. For insurance companies, distracted drivers are a constant source of work: they’re the source with millions of accidents a year.

I live with a little one and experience the same fears every parent does. Car accidents with children are more preventable than what people think. As I take care of my child, I want you to know what can make a difference when it comes to driving with children, and how to avoid the potential risks.

Risks of Mothers Driving Carelessly

Parents associations warn of the enormous risks of parents driving with children for a good reason: over 8,000 car accidents, a year involve children and are directly related to careless parents driving causing child endangerment. What might happen when car accidents with children happen? Here are some of the hardest issues you can face when it comes to children during car accidents:

  • Neck whiplash: if your baby is old enough to keep their heads up on their own, the impact can create severe neck injuries. These often occur when a hard impact happens, such as a rear-ended impact.
  • Concussion: car impact on children is extremely likely to create concussions even if they’re on their safety seats. Sudden movements tend to affect them severely, leading to injuries that tend to have long-lasting effects.
  • Fractures: children tend to suffer fractures in accidents, with children above the 5 point harness age being prone to them as they’re often moving their arms and legs around in the vehicle.
  • Joint dislocation: even if your baby is strapped in the seats or systems adequate to their age, the impact of a crash can lead to joint dislocation, shoulders being the most likely for children that are grown enough to use 3 points seat belts. 



What to do When Driving with Children?

My piece of legal and parenting advice: try to make driving an activity you and your children can enjoy by engaging in behaviors that are healthier in the long run. Why? Because if not, you’re risking more than your lives by reckless driving.

Accidents with children often involve serious bodily harm to the little ones, meaning you’re going to face not only legal fees over the accident but also medical bills that can rank up thousands of dollars.

I’ve compiled a list of things you should and should not do when driving with children, that from my experience, make a significant difference when on the road:

Buckle up your children in the right position according to their age. Changing music, doing makeup or checking your purse takes your eye of the road.
Pull over somewhere safe if your little passenger is fussy. Speeding. You’re more likely to have an accident if you’re driving over the legal speed limit.
Offer distractions for your child: interactive toys, electronics (with over-ear earphones if possible) and such to keep them occupied. Use your phone. If you need to call someone or check something, it’s better to pull over.
Drive when rested and focused. If you’re not 100% sure you can, ask for help. Driving with children while you’re feeling down or dozing off. Accidents tend to happen to tired or sleepy drivers.


Whether the small ones are making a mess in the backseat or are generally being cautious and calm, driving is an activity that should be taken seriously, not only for your child’s sake but for yours. If you’re living in Georgia, it’s a good idea to check the Georgia laws regarding child passenger safety for references on what to do to ensure your child is protected on the road.

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