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Product Safety Recalls for December 2016

The United States Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) has issued recalls on a number of consumer products this month.  Below we review some of the products that may have been given as a gift during the holiday season.  Included with each product description is a description of the steps the consumer can take to assure the safety of themselves and their loved ones.

Cuisinart Food Processors

Cuisinart food processors with riveted blades have been identified as presenting a laceration hazard.  This is because, over time, the riveted blades can break apart.  Obviously, this can result in parts of the blade breaking into the processed food.  Pictures of the types of Cuisinart food processors in question can be found on the Consumer Product Safety Commission’s website.  Consumers should stop using this product immediately.

Contact Cuisinart at 877-339-2534 or online at  There you will find a “Product Recalls” at the bottom of the page.

World Trading Orbit Self Balancing Scooter

The self balancing scooter, also referred to as a hoverboard, has been recalled because the lithium-ion battery can overheat.  This can lead to the risk of something catching fire or exploding.  Approximately 1,900 of these scooters have been sold on televised shopping programs, as well as online at  The products are available in numerous colors.

There is an “Orbit” black sticker on the bottom of the scooter.  This product should not be used, given the danger.  Instead, it should be replaced.

Contact World Trading toll-free at 877-498-8697 or email

The Bump ‘N Go Walking Egg Laying Chicken

The Bump ‘N Go Walking Egg Laying Chicken with light, sound, and music is a battery powered yellow chicken with orange wings and an orange head.  The chicken toy comes with three eggs, measuring one inch wide, by one inch tall, by one inch deep.  The words “QQ Chicken” are printed on the wing of the chicken.  There is also a small yellow chicken sitting on the larger, walking chicken’s back.  This toy can break apart and is a choking hazard.  In addition to Bingo Deals direct sales, the product has been available on between July of 2015 and June of 2016 for a cost of around $20.00.   Bingo Deals is contacting consumers who purchased the product directly from them.  Consumers who purchased the toy from Amazon or obtained it in another way are asked to contact Bingo Deals for a full refund.

Contact Bingo Deals at 888-429-1679, email, or go to Bingo Deals’ website  They have a “recall safety” tab on the top of the page.

Trek Bicycle Light

Trek has recalled the Bontrager Flare RT and the Ion 700 RT bicycle lights.  These lights have been observed operating intermittently when coupled with a remote transmitter.  This can reduce visibility of the rider to drivers.  It can also limit the rider’s visibility of the road.  Obviously, this poses an injury hazard. This product has been sold at bicycle stores across the country, as well as online at between July 2016 through October of 2016.  Consumers should cease use of the product immediately.

Consumers can return the lights to the store where they were purchased.  Alternatively, consumers can contact Trek at 800-373-4594 or online at  There is a “Safety & Recalls” button on the bottom of the page.

Figi’s Christmas Wishes Tins

These Christmas Wishes tins have a white base and a red lid.  The tin shows a winter snow scene with a Christmas tree.  The tin has a music sound chip on the underside of the lid.  The tin’s music chip can separate.  This exposes the button batteries, which could be a choking hazard for children.  These were sold online at as well as online at, as well as mail order catalogs for Figi and Birchland Market between October of 2016 through December of 2016.  Consumers should make sure the product is out of reach of children.

Consumers should contact Figi’s Companies at 800-437-3817 or online at or  There is a recall banner in the middle of the page.  Consumers are being offered a refund.

Aria Qbit Lightweight Stroller

The “gb Qbit lightweight stroller” has been recalled.  These strollers have a five point harnessed restraint system, four sets of two wheels each, a reclining seat, a travel storage bag, a storage basket, and a removable cup holder.  This stroller is also designed to be used in conjunction with infant carriers.  The “gb” red box logo is found on the harness, as well as on both sides of the stroller legs.  Additionally, “Qbit” is printed in white on the stroller legs.  The strollers are black with an accent color – either aqua, raspberry, white, charcoal, or citrus lemon.  These strollers were manufactured between March 25 of 2015 and March 9, of 2016.  The manufacture date is formatted YYYY|MM|DD.

There have been five reports of people being pinched by the stroller’s hinge mechanism.  Four of these resulted in consumers needing stitches.  There have also been 71 reports of unexpected folding, resulting to injuries to both children and caregivers.  These strollers were sold at Babies R US,,,,, other online retailers and other retail stores across the United States between May of 2015 and November of 2016.  Consumers should stop using the stroller immediately.

Consumers should contact Aria Child at 888-591-5540 or online at  In the website is a button labeled “Qbit Lightweight Stroller Voluntary Recall Information.”

If You Have Been Injured Due to a Product Malfunction

Product safety is paramount.  If you have been injured due to a product malfunction, you may be entitled to compensation for your injuries.  The experienced personal injury legal team in Atlanta at Bader Scott Injury Lawyers are ready to meet with you to discuss the facts and circumstances of your case.  Please contact us today.


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