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Do Georgia Residents Need Personal Injury Protection?

In today’s fast-paced, highly active lifestyle, no one can predict when an accident or injury can happen. People often get injured at work or at home. Plus, there are hazards on the road; sporting injuries can occur anytime, and injuries can also be incurred in the workplace. When this happens, going to a hospital or the emergency room and getting treated can sometimes be an expensive undertaking. One of the best ways to protect yourself and your loved ones in the event of a personal injury or disability is to get personal injury protection.

Having personal injury protection insurance will not only help pay for any medical problems in the event of an injury, but it can also assist the family cover daily living expenses in case the injury results in long-term consequences. If the individual involved in the accident is the only breadwinner, it could severely affect the family members who depend on this income. 

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Personal injury protection will reimburse you in case of an injury. It will also help cover the cost of any medical treatment and other related expenses. If you are not able to go to work, this policy will provide you money while you recover. In case the injury results in a long-term disability, the policy will reimburse you as well. In the event of death, personal injury protection will pay your beneficiaries a predetermined amount of money. This type of personal accident policy is often an alternative to life insurance. Personal injury protection is a very useful coverage to have, especially for individuals who may otherwise be healthy but have a high-risk job such as in construction or as a fireman, professional athlete or law enforcement officer.


What Georgia Residents Should Consider When Opting for Personal Injury Protection

Residents of Rome, GA are not required to purchase personal injury protection but since Georgia is not a no-fault state, not having this protection could be very risky. If you are in a car accident for example and if you are at fault, you and your insurance company will be responsible for any damages incurred. If you do not have personal injury protection, you may be in a big financial mess in such a scenario. If you get personal injury protection, the policy will cover drivers and passengers injured in an accident regardless of who was at fault.

There is no doubt that everyone does not need or require personal injury protection. The coverage is most relevant for people who are young, physically active and employed in high-risk jobs. When we are young and energetic, we tend to take our health for granted. That is probably why younger people are most unprepared for an injury or an accident. Young people also have a tendency of job-hopping and following an unstable employment pattern. This often makes them ineligible for disability or medical insurance coverage from their Rome, GA employers. Thus, if an accident were to occur, it is these people who essentially have little or no money to take care of their health problems. Things get even worse if the injury results in long-term disability. Keep in mind that injuries that occur outside the workplace and during off-work hours, and and injuries that are in no way related to the work in question are not considered eligible for Workers’ Compensation.

Even if you have paid for private health insurance, there are often limits and caps on the treatments you can get as well as on reimbursements. In addition, almost every medical treatment has co-payments or deductibles which can be very high. That is why many people in Georgia who do not have personal injury protection have to pay out of pocket for their medical bills and prescription drugs. This can place a significant strain on your home finances.

An additional benefit of personal injury protection is that it can also be used to cover home modifications if required after an injury. For example, a ramp for a wheelchair can be paid by the personal injury policy if the individual in question cannot be mobile without one.


Who is Eligible for Personal Injury Insurance in Rome, Georgia?

All individuals between the age group of 18 to 69 years are eligible for personal injury insurance. In most cases, there will be no medical exam required regardless of prior medical health issues.


When Should Georgia Employees Get Personal Injury Protection?

Most people delay buying or getting personal injury protection. But this could be a big mistake. We live in a world where everyone seems to be in a hurry; where our roads are congested with traffic; where drivers are consistently becoming more and more careless and distracted; where people are becoming more daring and opting for intense physical activities and sports; where certain jobs continue to be dangerous for workers and where young people are becoming more and more impulsive and spontaneous.

If an accident were to happen, a person could lose their job and place their family in serious financial difficulties. It is thus in your interest to get personal injury protection before an accident happens. Experts suggest that it is best to have personal accident injury insurance even if your lifestyle is safe and secure; the reason is that you never know when you may be involved in a car accident or get hurt due to the negligence of another person.

The biggest advantage of personal injury protection is that it provides you with peace of mind, knowing that if an injury was to occur, you would be covered. And this applies whether you are at work, home or traveling.


What Would Personal Injury Protection Insurance Cover in Rome, GA?

Your personal injury protection insurance will offer medical coverage for any medical treatment you receive for injuries; disability benefits which will cover any lost wages if you are unable to return to work immediately; death benefits which will be paid to your dependents in case of death; and property damage which may be caused by a car accident.


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Personal Injury lawsuits can sometimes be fairly complex. If you or a family member has been injured and requires legal defense, you can contact our team of seasoned personal injury lawyers to help you understand and go through this entire process. At Bader Law firm, we continuously commit to providing our clients with customized solutions that are geared towards fulfilling your needs and getting you maximum compensation for any losses that you may have incurred.



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