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Negligence – Atlanta

Personal injury law comes with jargon that’s confusing to the laymen.

Negligence is one of these terms acts as the legal definition for fault. Whichever party is negligent in a case, is the responsible party. Seth Bader is an experienced Atlanta personal injury lawyer.

In any case, a personal injury lawyer must prove fault, or negligence, in an accident. It would help if you didn’t gamble with your settlement by hiring an inexperienced lawyer. If you are facing a personal injury lawsuit, you should hire the best. Contact us today to discuss the details of your case.


We must prove negligence to win your case.

According to Georgia law, everyone has a responsibility to act with a duty of care in certain circumstances. For example, when you are driving down the road, you must obey traffic rules. If you are not following these laws, you are putting yourself and other drivers on the street in jeopardy. If an accident results from your erratic driving, then you are negligent and responsible for your accident. A skilled attorney will be able to gather information about your case to support your claim. Georgia is an at-fault state, so if you are found to have any responsibility in your accident, you might not receive compensation.


How do you prove negligence?

In any personal injury case, it is our job to prove negligence. We must show:

  • The other party had a duty and did not act with care: Sometimes, it can be challenging to confirm that the other party had a responsibility to act with care. Car accidents can be pretty straight forward, while medical malpractice cases can be more difficult.
  • They didn’t live up to their duty: The other party failed in keeping themselves and others safe. For example, if a company didn’t properly test their equipment and it caused an injury, they are responsible for that injury.
  • Not doing their duty resulted in your accident: We must show that your accident was the direct responsibility of the other party. Most insurance companies will try to show that you fault in your accident. An experienced attorney can shoot down these claims and build a strong case against the other party.
  • You have damages from your accident: If you have no injuries, you can’t receive compensation. So, we must show that you have medical bills, property damage, or other tangible expenses.


We have experienced personal injury lawyers

Personal injuries can affect you for the rest of your life, and getting proper compensation is essential to your recovery. We are prepared to fight for your interests every step of the way. We have handled many different types of negligence cases, including:

We understand that every case is different, and we use a unique approach with each of our clients. It is our mission to build a strong claim against the other parties in your accident so that we can prove their negligence.


You deserve a knowledgeable negligence attorney

Don’t risk your settlement by relying on inexperienced attorneys. If you or someone you know has been a victim of a personal injury accident, the time to act is now. Contact us immediately to schedule your free consultation.

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