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Permanent Partial Disability Benefits in Atlanta

A lot of workers suffer injuries on the job. The lucky ones fully recover and return to work at full capacity. But many others aren’t so lucky. They suffer permanent impairment from an injury they suffered on the job. Georgia’s workers’ compensation system addresses these workers by providing permanent partial disability benefits in Atlanta.

How are permanent partial disability benefits paid? 

The first income benefits that workers receive following a qualifying work injury are temporary partial disability or temporary total disability benefits. The former are for workers who return to a lower-paying position after an injury; the latter are for workers unable to work for at least seven days.

Eventually, workers may apply for permanent partial disability benefits. To do so, they must have a rating from a physician. More severe impairments result in higher ratings. This rating is important because it largely dictates the permanent partial disability benefits you will receive.

These benefits are calculated by multiplying the physician’s rating by the number of weeks corresponding to the injured body part. Then multiply the result by the workers’ temporary total disability rate.

For example, say you have an injured hand (worth 160 weeks), a physician gave you a 20 percent rating, and your temporary total disability benefit amount is $500 per week. Your permanent partial disability benefits would be $16,000 (160 x 20 percent x $500).

You can see the corresponding number of weeks for each body part injury in Section 34-9-263 of Georgia Code. The maximum weekly benefit under permanent partial disability is $525 as of July 1, 2013.

How to Take Action to Apply for Benefits Today 

Applying for permanent partial disability benefits on your own isn’t always easy. It can be confusing and getting a fair rating from a physician might be a challenge for some workers.

If you sustained a permanent disability due to a work-related injury, the attorneys at Bader Scott Injury Lawyers, in Atlanta can assist you in applying for benefits. Call our legal team today at 678-562-5595.

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