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Perils of Firefighter Training

We often take for granted those who work so hard to protect us – police officers, emergency medical personnel, and firefighters, to name a few. These folks put in long hours to keep us safe and, even before starting their brave service, they must go through rigorous training to learn the skills necessary for their jobs. The training for these jobs is in itself dangerous – yet it must be done. Just like any other work, it would be expected that a safe working environment should be provided in which to conduct training. A group of three firefighters taking part in a training exercise several years ago were victims of a workplace accident while they were working in a ladder truck’s bucket when it dropped suddenly. All three were injured, and since the incident they had been receiving workers’ compensation. They were recently all released from employment from their department, according to the story, so that the government could hire others who would be able to perform these essential job functions.

What Happens When Injured Workers Are Unable to Return to Their Work?

When employees are injured on the job, the goal is always to try to get them back to work and earning their wages as soon as it makes sense for them to do so. Sometimes, however, the injuries are such that they are not able to go back to their previous line of work, which may have been the case with the Hall County firefighters. When employees are not able to return to their previous positions, part of the Georgia workers’ compensation program includes vocational rehabilitation benefits. These benefits are often an option available to those workers who have a physical health condition as a result of their workplace injury and may include any or all of the following: job placement assistance, interviewing assistance, job searching assistance, training, matching, counseling, and technological or resource assistance. One source for these types of services is The Vocational Rehabilitation Division of the Georgia Vocational Rehabilitation Agency, which provides services to help those individuals with their various job searching and training needs.  The goal of these types of agencies is quite simple – to assist employees who are ready and willing to work find appropriate work. Whether the employee is looking for employment in the same field or an entirely new one, the assistance received from a vocational rehabilitation organization can help make it happen.

Contact Bader Scott Injury Lawyers If You Have Been Injured On The Job

If you have been the victim of a workplace accident, contact Bader Scott Injury Lawyers to learn about your rights.  You may be entitled to compensation for lost wages, medical bills, and pain and suffering, and there may also be additional options available to you based on your individual circumstance.  The experienced attorneys at Bader Scott Injury Lawyers, LLC handle all types of workplace injury cases and will work hard to help you recover what you should receive.  Contact us today online or by phone to schedule your free consultation and get started to your road to recovery.

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