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Who Will Pay My Claim for Workers’ Comp in Rome, GA?

When injured at work, it can bring up a range of emotions. You may be fearful of telling your employer and wonder who is going to pay for your medical expenses. There is no reason to be scared of telling your employer that you have been hurt in a workplace accident as workers’ comp in Rome, GA allows Georgia employees to receive some form of payment of compensation when they are hurt on the job.

While a workers’ compensation lawyer in Rome can help you file a claim with the State Board of Workers’ Compensation, you still need to report the injury to your employer. Because your employer pays into the Rome workers’ comp system, it is your duty to notify them that you will be filing a claim.

You have 30 days from the date of the workplace accident to report the accident and your injuries to your employer. After notifying your employer, you have one year to file for benefits with the State Board of Workers’ Compensation. A Rome, GA, work injury attorney can advise you on the filing process to improve your compensation settlement and ensure payment for the injuries you have sustained while on the job.

If you fail to notify your employer that your injury occurred during a workplace accident, you may lose out on your workers’ compensation benefits. If you are unsure for any reason if you should file an injury claim, speak with a workers’ compensation attorney in Rome to discuss your case and determine the best course of action for your claim. Workers’ comp lawyers are there to provide you the guidance you need when filing an injury claim with the State Board of Workers’ Compensation.

What Does My Employer Pay for Workers’ Comp in Rome, GA?

While your employer pays into the Rome, GA, workers’ comp program, they also provide coverage for your medical expenses due to the treatment of your injuries. You are covered by their insurance provider and all care that you receive for your injuries is paid by your employer.

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You have the opportunity to receive coverage for doctor appointments, prescriptions, hospital stays, physical therapy and prosthetic appliances. Under the laws for workers’ comp in Rome, GA, you are responsible for seeking treatment with a company-approved doctor. Failure to meet these requirements could result in nonpayment of your medical expenses. A Rome, GA, work injury attorney can help you understand your responsibilities when it comes to using doctors provided by your employer, so you do not lose out on your workers’ comp benefits.

Talk to a workers’ compensation attorney in Rome if your employer has not provided you sufficient options when it comes to your medical treatment. A workers’ comp lawyer can ensure you are being treated fairly after a workplace injury and that your employer is following the law in accordance with your treatment.

Who Will Pay My Lost Wages for Workers’ Comp in Rome, GA?

When injured because of a workplace accident, you will receive your lost wage payments directly from the State Board of Workers’ Compensation. They will determine that amount and the duration that you will receive payments for your injuries. The average payment for Rome, GA, workers’ comp is 2/3 your earnings with a maximum payout of $575 per week for a maximum total of 400 weeks.

More severe injuries will result in greater compensation for a longer duration of time as deemed necessary. A workers’ compensation lawyer can help calculate your total compensation payment. Because the State Board of Workers’ Compensation uses a weighted schedule for injuries, working with a workers’ compensation lawyer in Rome can provide insight into your total payment structure and what you can expect for compensation for your workplace injuries.

While workers’ comp is designed to provide you with a portion of your lost wages until you are able to return to work again, there are some instances when this is not possible due to the nature of your injuries. In these instances, you are entitled to lifetime benefits and having a Rome, GA, work injury attorney on your side can ensure you receive settlement compensation. A workers’ compensation attorney in Rome provides the best opportunity to get the maximum benefits afforded by the law without denial.

Consult with a Georgia Workers’ Comp Lawyer About Your Claim

When injured on the job, you need the support of a workers’ compensation lawyer in Rome. Count on the workers’ compensation lawyers at the Bader Scott Injury Lawyers to fight for your legal right to benefits. Contact us today for a consultation.

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