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Osha Issues Safety First Message Proposes 145000 In Penalties For Safety Violations

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) is intent on protecting workers and preventing accidents in the workplace.  So intent, that they proposed a total of $145,000 in penalties to be paid by SKAPS Industries, who displayed multiple instances of failing to adhere to U.S. Department of Labor standards. 

SKAPS’ three plants, located in Commerce, Ga., Athens, Ga., and Pendergrass, Ga., accumulated 24 serious violations, according to the article.  The Pendergrass and Athens plants will cost SKAPS the majority of the penalties, and each one is responsible for an estimated $44,000 due to- not having conducted annual audiograms for their workers, who are exposed to harmful noise. 

Other violations, exhibited by all three plants, include a variety of safety precautions not being taken.  Omitting necessary OSHA-instituted responsibilities such as developing a “written hazards communication” program, marking emergency exits, instructing operators with lockout and tag-out requirements and providing protection from arc welding rays and electrical hazards will cost SKAPS approximately $51,800.

OSHA’s Atlanta-East Area Office Director Gei-Thae Breezley is adamant when it comes to taking all safety precautions possible.

“This company should not wait until a serious injury or death occurs to any of its more than 225 employees before making needed changes in its safety procedures.  When a company persists in ignoring its responsibilities, OSHA will step in to protect workers’ safety,” remarked Breezley.

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