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Ocga A 349222 Lump Sum Payments Of All Or Part Of Compensation Generally

(a)  Upon the application of any party when benefits have been continued for a period of not less than 26 weeks, if the board determines that it is for the best interest of the claimant to prevent extreme hardship or is essential to the rehabilitation of the claimant, the board may order that the liability of the employer for future income benefits be discharged by the payment of a lump sum equal to the sum of all future payments, reduced to their present value upon the basis of interest calculated at 7 percent per annum.

(b)  Under the same requirements of subsection (a) of this Code section, the board may order the employer to make advance payments of a part of the future income benefits by payment of a lump sum equal to such part of future payments.  The repayment of partial lump sum advance payments, together with interest of 7 percent per annum, may be accomplished by reducing the period of payment or reducing the weekly benefit, or both, as may be directed by the board.

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For more information regarding lump sum and/or advance payments, you may wish to review the following documents published by the Settlement Unit of the State Board of Workers’ Compensation:

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