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Ocga A 349169 Revocation And Suspension Of Certificates Of Authority Probation And Fine Voluntary Dissolution Or Termination Of Functions

(a) The Commissioner may revoke, suspend, or refuse to issue or renew the certificate of authority of any fund when and if, after investigation, he finds that:

(1) Any certificate of authority issued to the fund was obtained by fraud;

(2) There was any material misrepresentation in the application for the certificate of authority;

(3) The fund or its administrators have otherwise shown themselves to be untrustworthy or incompetent;

(4) Such fund or its administrator has violated any of the provisions of this article or the rules and regulations of the Commissioner promulgated pursuant to this article;

(5) The fund or its administrator has misappropriated, converted, illegally withheld, or refused to pay over upon proper demand any moneys which belong to a member, an employee of a member, or a person otherwise entitled thereto and which have been entrusted to the fund or its administrator in its fiduciary capacities; or

(6) The fund is found to be in an unsound condition or in such condition as to render its future transaction of business in this state hazardous to its members and their employees.

(b) Before the Commissioner shall revoke, suspend, or refuse to issue or renew the certificate of authority of any fund, he shall give the fund an opportunity to be fully heard and to introduce evidence in its behalf. In lieu of revoking, suspending, or refusing to issue or renew the certificate of authority of any fund for any of the causes enumerated in this Code section, after hearing as provided in this article, the Commissioner may place the fund and its administrator on probation for a period of time not to exceed one year, may fine the fund not more than $1,000.00 for each offense, or both, when, in his judgment, he finds that the public interest and the interests of the fund’s members and their employees would not be harmed by the continued operation of the fund. The amount of any such penalty shall be paid by the fund to the Commissioner for the use of the state. At any hearing provided for by this Code section, the Commissioner shall have authority to administer oaths to witnesses. Any witness testifying falsely after taking an oath commits the offense of perjury.

(c) No fund shall be voluntarily dissolved or otherwise voluntarily cease to function unless:

(1) Written approval is first obtained from the Commissioner; and

(2) The Commissioner determines that all claims and other legal obligations of the fund have been paid or that adequate provisions for such payment have been made.

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