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Ocga A 349161 Securities Deposit Excess Loss Funding Program


(1) Each fund shall maintain a deposit consisting of securities eligible for deposit by domestic insurance companies in accordance with Chapter 12 of Title 33 in the amount of $200,000.00, which amount equates to the deposits required of a domestic insurance company pursuant to Code Section 33-3-8.

(2) A fund may post a surety bond or bonds in the amount of $250,000.00 to satisfy the securities deposit requirement of paragraph (1) of this subsection. Such bond or bonds shall be acceptable only if issued by an insurer whose form has been approved by the Commissioner.

(3) The security deposit required by this subsection shall be allowed as an asset and shall not be deemed as part of the surplus required by Code Section 34-9-162.

(b) The excess loss funding program of a fund shall be approved by the Commissioner as a condition to the issuance and maintenance of a certificate of authority of any fund created pursuant to this article. An excess loss funding program may consist of excess insurance, self-funding from unobligated surplus of an agency, any combination of the foregoing, or any other funding program acceptable to the Commissioner. A fund may be permitted to purchase excess insurance:

(1) From insurers authorized to transact business in this state; or

(2) From approved surplus lines carriers.

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