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Ocga A 349153 Issuance Of Certificate Of Authority Grounds For Denial Or Revocation Annual Renewal Fee

(a) The Commissioner shall examine the application made under Code Section 34-9-152 to determine whether the fund will be able to comply with the laws of this state and whether membership in the fund will enable the members of the fund to meet their liability for workers’ compensation benefits under this chapter. If the Commissioner finds that the fund is capable of complying with such requirements and meeting such liability, he shall issue a certificate authorizing the fund to provide workers’ compensation benefits on behalf of its members.

(b) If the Commissioner refuses to issue a certificate of authority, he shall issue an order setting forth the reasons for refusal and forward it to the proposed fund. A copy of the order shall be sent to each member of the fund.

(c) The Commissioner shall approve or disapprove the application for a certificate of authority within 90 days of receipt by him of the application and all of the supporting information he has requested.

(d) The Commissioner may refuse to issue or renew or may suspend or revoke the certificate of authority of any fund, in accordance with Code Section 34-9-169, for failure of the fund to comply with any provision of this article or with any of the rules, regulations, or orders of the Commissioner issued pursuant thereto.

(e) The certificate shall be renewed annually by the Commissioner, upon payment by the fund of the renewal fee required by subparagraph (CC) of paragraph (1) of Code Section 33-8-1.

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