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Ocga 34957 Creation Of Administrative Law Judge Emeritus Of Board Eligibility For Appointment Manner Of Appointment Compensation

There is created the office of administrative law judge emeritus of the board. Any administrative law judge, formerly known as deputy director, of the board now or hereafter in office shall be eligible for appointment as administrative law judge emeritus, provided he has reached the age of 70 years and has either (1) attained 20 years of service in the capacity of administrative law judge or deputy director or (2) attained 20 years of total service, aggregating his service as administrative law judge or deputy director with any years of prior service as director, member of the General Assembly of Georgia or the Georgia National Guard, or as special assistant attorney general, or any combination of services in these offices. Such administrative law judge emeritus shall be eligible for appointment by the Governor in the same manner as provided for appointment of a director emeritus under Code Section 34-9-53 and shall exercise the same duties as provided in Code Section 34-9-55 for a director emeritus. All persons appointed to the office of administrative law judge emeritus as provided in this Code section shall receive an annual salary equal to one-third of the annual salary provided by law for an administrative law judge of the board at the time of appointment of the administrative law judge emeritus under this Code section, such salary to be paid by the board in semimonthly installments from funds provided by law for the operation of the board.

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