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Ocga 34953 Directors Emeritus Of Board Eligibility For Appointment Procedure For Appointment

There is created the office of director emeritus of the board. Any director of the board now or hereafter in office shall be eligible for appointment as director emeritus, provided that such member of the board has reached the age of 60 years and has also attained 20 consecutive years of service in the capacity of chairman, director, deputy director or administrative law judge, member of the General Assembly, or a combination of consecutive service in these offices; provided, further, that not more than five years’ service in the General Assembly shall be allowed as service credit under this Code section. The Governor shall appoint to the position of director emeritus anyone eligible under this Code section who shall advise the Governor in writing that he desires to resign from the office of director of the board and accept appointment as director emeritus of the board, stating in such notice the date upon which the resignation as director and appointment as director emeritus shall become effective; and upon such notice the Governor shall make such appointment effective upon the date requested, and the resignation as director of the board shall be automatically effective as of the same date as the appointment as director emeritus.

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