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Ocga 349481 Senior Administrative Law Judge Of The Board

(a)  There is created the office of senior administrative law judge of the board.  Any director or administrative law judge who is retired on July 1, 1991, or who shall retire after such date shall be eligible for appointment as a senior administrative law judge if such person is not engaged in the practice of law.

(b)  A senior administrative law judge shall be appointed by the chairman of the State Board of Workers’ Compensation and shall serve at the pleasure of the chairman.  All persons appointed to the office of senior administrative law judge as provided in this Code section shall receive allowances not to exceed $150.00 per day plus actual and necessary expenses as provided for state employees while traveling on the business of the board, but the expenses shall be sworn to by such person incurring them and shall be approved by the chairman or his designee before payment is made.  Said payment shall be made from the per diem and fee allocations in the budget of the State Board of Workers’ Compensation.

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