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Ocga 349416 Employee Assistance Programs

(a)  If an employer has an Employee Assistance Program, the employer must inform the employee of the benefits and services of the Employee Assistance Program.  In addition, the employer must provide the employee with notice of the policies and procedures regarding access to and utilization of the program.

(b)  If an employer does not have an Employee Assistance Program, the employer must maintain a resource file of providers of other employee assistance including drug and alcohol abuse programs, mental health providers, and other persons, entities, or organizations available to assist employees with personal or behavioral problems and must notify the employee in writing of the availability of this resource file.  In addition, the employer shall post in a conspicuous place a current listing of providers of employee assistance in the area.  Such listing of available providers shall be reviewed and updated by the employer during the month of July of each year at which time the employer shall, when necessary, correct and revise information on all providers listed.  Employers shall take reasonable care to identify appropriate providers and supply accurate telephone and address information on the posted listing of providers at all times.

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