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Ocga 349363 Agreements For Reimbursement From Fund Hearing By State Board Of Workers Compensation In Absence Of Agreement Compromise Settlements

(a)  When any employer or insurer and the administrator reach an agreement with respect to reimbursement under this article, it shall be reduced to writing and submitted to the State Board of Workers’ Compensation for approval.  The board shall consider such an agreement upon receipt thereof and, if it finds it to meet the provisions of this article, shall approve the agreement and issue its order directing the agreed reimbursement.

(b)  If the employer or the insurer fails to reach an agreement with the administrator in regard to reimbursement under this article, either party may make application to the State Board of Workers’ Compensation for a hearing in regard to the matters at issue.  Such matters shall then be determined in the manner provided for other workers’ compensation proceedings and appeals.

(c)  Failure of an employer or insurer to file for a hearing with the State Board of Workers’ Compensation within 90 days after the receipt of a formal denial from the Subsequent Injury Trust Fund shall constitute a bar to recovery from the fund.

(d)  The administrator, under the policy or rules and regulations of the board of trustees, shall have the authority to enter into compromise settlements.

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