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Ocga 349357 Payment Of Costs Of Administration Submission And Approval Of Annual Budget Audit Of Funds

(a)  The entire cost of the administration of the fund shall be paid from the assets of the fund.

(b)  The administrator shall annually submit to the board of trustees, under such rules and regulations as the board of trustees may prescribe, a budget of the costs of administration of the fund for the fiscal year. The board of trustees shall submit the proposed budget to the Office of Planning and Budget for comment prior to approval.

(c)  Upon approval by the board of trustees, a copy of the operating budget shall be filed with the custodian of the fund who, on July 1, shall transfer to the administrator’s operating account such funds as are required by the budget less any amounts remaining in the operating account from prior years.

(d)  Funds held by the administrator in the operating account shall not in any way be deemed to be appropriated funds but shall be audited annually in the manner provided for other state departments and agencies.

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