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Ocga 349352 Creation And Authority Of Subsequent Injury Trust Fund Director Of Office Of Treasury And Fiscal Services As Custodian

There is established a Subsequent Injury Trust Fund which shall be of a perpetual, nonlapsing nature for the sole purpose of making payments in accordance with this article.  The fund shall be administered by the administrator of the Subsequent Injury Trust Fund.  All moneys in the fund shall be held in trust and shall not be money or property of the state.  The board of trustees created by Code Section 34-9-354 shall be authorized to invest the moneys of the fund in the same manner as provided by law for investments by domestic insurers (Chapter 11 of Title 33).  The board of trustees shall be authorized to designate the director of the Office of Treasury and Fiscal Services as custodian of the fund for the purpose of investing the fund. In the event the director of the Office of Treasury and Fiscal Services is appointed custodian he shall have exclusive control of the investment of the fund; and the trustees shall be absolved of any responsibility for such fund.  The custodian shall be authorized to disburse moneys from the fund only upon written order of the administrator.

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