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Ocga 349164 Payment Of Operating Expenses By Members Of Fund Liability

Ocga 349164 Payment Of Operating Expenses By Members Of Fund Liability Of Members Payment By Funds Of Expenses Of State Board Of Workers Compensation Legal Capacity Of Funds

(a) Each member shall pay into the fund its share of the fund’s projected obligation for workers’ compensation liability, administrative expenses, and other costs incurred by the fund as may be determined by the board of the fund or by the fund’s administrator and approved by the board of the fund, all in accordance with this article. The share shall be adjusted by the board of the fund according to the claims experience of each participating member in accordance with criteria set forth in the bylaws of the fund. The premium for each year shall be paid by each member at the beginning of each fund year unless otherwise provided for under the intrastate agreement or under a payment plan developed by the board of the fund and submitted to and approved by the Commissioner. The board of the fund shall make payments to the employees of the members out of the fund for workers’ compensation benefits pursuant to and in accordance with the claims procedures set forth in this chapter; and the board of the fund shall determine what, if any, dividends or assessments shall be paid to or levied against the participating members of the fund.

(b) The board of each fund shall establish and implement a loss prevention and loss control program for each member of the fund.

(c) Each member of the fund shall be jointly and severally liable for all legal obligations of the fund, including, but not limited to, any obligations of the fund to pay claims against the fund arising out of any occurrence, incident, or accident covered under this chapter.

(d) Each fund shall be treated as a self-insurer for the purposes of Article 9 of this chapter.

(e) Each fund shall be liable under Code Section 34-9-63 for its share of the expenses of the State Board of Workers’ Compensation and, for the purposes of that Code section only, it shall be treated as though it were an insurer.

(f) Each fund may sue and be sued in its own name. Service of process shall be perfected upon the fund by serving its registered Georgia agent for service of process or by otherwise serving the fund in accordance with the laws of this state.

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