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Ocga 349163 Investment Of Assets Maintenance Of Loss Reserves

(a) Except as otherwise specifically provided for in this article, the investable assets of a fund shall be invested only in securities or other investments permitted by the laws of this state for the investment of assets constituting the legal reserves of property and casualty insurance companies or in such other securities or investments as the Commissioner may permit such insurers to invest their funds under Title 33. Such investments shall be subject to the same terms, conditions, and limitations which apply to property and casualty insurance companies under Title 33.

(b) For all claims under policies written in the three years immediately preceding the date as of which the statement is made, a fund shall maintain:

(1) Actual loss reserves, incurred but not reported loss reserves, and reserves for aggregate excess insurance which, combined with actual loss and loss expense payments, shall be in an amount at least equal to the loss fund percentage as stated in the fund’s excess insurance policy or such higher amounts as required by the Commissioner; or

(2) With the approval of the Commissioner, loss reserves in an amount equal to the greater of the amount established by an independent casualty actuary in accordance with actuarial standards or 45 percent of earned premiums written in each of the three years prior to the date on which the report or statement is to be made, less all loss and loss expense payments made in connection with the claims under policies written in those three years. For the purposes of this paragraph, the term “actuarial standards” means the standards adopted by the Casualty Actuarial Society in its Statement of Principles Regarding Property and Casualty Loss and Loss Adjustment Expense Reserves and the Standards of Practice adopted by the Actuarial Standards Board.

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