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Ocga 349159 Annual Reports Of Affairs And Operations Of Funds Additional Periodic Reports Verification Of Reports Compliance Condition For Renewal Of Certificates

On or before March 1 in each year after it shall have commenced to do business pursuant to a certificate of authority, every fund shall make and file with the Commissioner a report of its affairs and operations during the last preceding calendar year. This annual report shall be made in such form and shall contain such information as the Commissioner may, from time to time, by regulation, prescribe and require to protect the public interest, the interests of the members of the fund, and the interests of the employees of each member. The Commissioner may, by regulation, require such additional periodic reports as the Commissioner may from time to time prescribe as necessary or appropriate to protect the members and their employees and the public, to ensure the solvency of any fund, to inform the members of the fund, and to assure fair dealing in the investments of any fund. The Commissioner may require that the reports be verified under oath by such appropriate officers or agents as the Commissioner may designate by regulation and may require the reports to be furnished to persons or entities the Commissioner determines to have a legitimate interest therein. The Commissioner may, based upon the Commissioner’s evaluation of the condition of individual funds, exempt that fund from submitting any report, except the annual report required by this article. Compliance with this Code section shall be a condition of the renewal of a certificate of authority under Code Section 34-9-153.

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