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Ocga 349158 Boards Of Trustees Powers

The board of the fund shall have the following specific powers, together with such other powers granted elsewhere in this article as may be necessary or incidental to effectuate the purposes of this article:

(1) To invest and reinvest funds held by it in accordance with Code Section 34-9-163;

(2) To collect and disburse all money due or payable in accordance with this article;

(3) To employ and contract with banks, corporate trustees, insurance agents, surplus lines brokers, insurers authorized to do business in this state, and approved surplus lines carriers;

(4) To employ and contract with actuaries, accountants, contract administrators, and other agents and employees necessary for the operation of the fund;

(5) To employ an administrator for the fund;

(6) To contract with other persons or public bodies of this state for the use of services or facilities necessary, useful, or incidental to the operation of the fund;

(7) To employ legal counsel;

(8) To execute other contracts necessary or incidental to the operation of the fund;

(9) To pay dividends to or levy assessments on its members;

(10) To purchase bonds and insurance necessary to comply with the requirements of this article and the rules and regulations of the Commissioner; and

(11) To do and perform such other and further acts, not inconsistent with this article or with other laws of this state, which may be necessary for the efficient and proper operation of the fund.

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