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Ocga 3491512 Filing Of Intent To Form Fund Notice Of Intent To Refuse To Issue Certificate Of Authority

(a)  At least 30 days prior to executing the initial intrastate agreement required by this article, any group authorized to form a fund under this article shall file with the Commissioner an intent to form a fund on such form as prescribed by the Commissioner. Such form shall include:

(1)  The name of the group forming the fund;

(2)  The name of the proposed administrator;

(3)  The type or types of employers to be offered membership in the fund;

(4)  A statement that the group is knowledgeable of and will comply with the requirements of this article and any rules or regulations pertaining thereto; and

(5)  A copy of the intrastate agreement that will be used to establish a fund.

(b)  Upon receipt and review of the information supplied with the notice of intent to form a fund provided under subsection (a) of this Code section, the Commissioner, pursuant to his or her authority under Code Section 34-9-169, may issue a notice of intent to refuse to issue a certificate of authority, which notice of intent shall be based upon the Commissioner’s determination that the proposed fund would not be in compliance with the provisions of this article.  The proposed fund may not be formed and the intrastate agreement may not be executed until the Commissioner withdraws in writing the notice of intent to refuse to issue a certificate of authority.

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