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Ocga 349128 Inspection Of Place Of Employment And Injury Records Penalty For Noncompliance

The board and its authorized representatives shall have the power and authority to enter any place of employment and to inspect the same, together with all employment, payroll, and injury records at any reasonable time for the purpose of investigating compliance with this chapter and making inspections for the proper enforcement of this chapter. The willful refusal of an employer to permit inspections and investigations pursuant to this Code section or to comply with Code Sections 34-9-120, 34-9-121, and 34-9-126 after being notified of noncompliance by the board shall subject the employer to a penalty to be assessed by the board, not exceeding $50.00 per day so long as the refusal shall continue; provided, however, that no penalty shall be assessed except after notice of not less than ten days and a hearing thereon before the board.

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