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Ocga 349106 Entry And Execution Of Judgment On Settlement Agreement Final Order Or Decision Or Award Modification And Revocation Of Orders And Decrees

Any party in interest may file in the superior court of the county in which the injury occurred or, if the injury occurred outside this state, in the county in which the original hearing was had, a certified copy of a settlement agreement approved by the board or of a final order or decision of the members or of an award of the members unappealed from or of an award of the members affirmed upon appeal, whereupon the court shall render judgment in accordance therewith and notify the parties. Such judgment shall have the same effect and all proceedings in relation thereto shall thereafter be the same as though the judgment had been rendered in an action duly heard and determined by such court; provided, however, that where the payment of compensation is insured or provided for in accordance with this chapter, no such judgment shall be entered nor execution thereon issued except upon application to the court and for good cause shown. Upon presentation to the court of the certified copy of a decision of the board ending, diminishing, or increasing a weekly payment under the provisions of this chapter, particularly of Code Section 34-9-104, the court shall revoke or modify the order or decree to conform to such decision of the board.

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